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This Website is dedicated to those looking for an Easy to Implement Strategy that generates Affiliate Income on Regular basis...

Dear Friend,

I would like to Introduce a Unique Money Making System that I have been using Secretly for the last one year.

This is actually, a Dream Come True for any serious Internet Marketer.  Because, you are going to learn how to makes a Regular Income from Adsense, Clickbank and other Affiliate Program with a 'Set it once and forget it' system that can be setup within 20 minutes.

Once you setup this Money Generating System for a selected niche, then it will continue working itself Fully Autopilot 365 days of the year without any user intervention.

Video Proof (14 Days Clickbank Income)



Video Proof (7 Days Adsense Income)


As you can see in the above videos, most of the income was generated with Free Traffic coming from Facebook and Twitter.


How my Strategy works

Step:1) Select a high demand niche. I use Clickbank Marketplace, Ebay or Amazon to find what people are buying. Select a sub-niche of ever-green niches like Health, Beauty/Fashion, Relationship/Dating, Making Money/Finance etc. Some people spend hours to find a niche and create a large list of keywords. Here, we need only 2 most relevant keywords, nothing more. 

Step:2) Create a Facebook & Twitter account for the niche selected.  The profile should be simple, no fancy graphics or Iframe programming is need.

Step:3) Use FB Monetizer System to Automate Facebook & Twitter Posting. This step takes less than 10 minutes to setup.

Step:4) Repeat the same for other niches and make more money.

Here is a screen-shot of a Sample Facebook Wall Created for Forex Trading niche

As shown in the above screen-shots, the FB Monetizer system start posting Quality Relevant content to Facebook Wall regularly. The content posted includes a Title, short description, screen-shot image and link to a Landing page on 'Forex Trading' (the niche selected in this example). 

Another Example (Facebook Wall - Gardening Tips)


Twitter page (Gardening niche)


When people click on the links posted in Facbook or Twitter, they will be forwarded to a landing page created by the FB Monetizer program.  The landing page is a simple HTML page with Video player, Adsense, Clickbank or other Affiliate links.

Screen-shot of a typical Landing page created by the FB Monetizer

As you can see in the above screen-shot, We can Make Money from different sources: Adsense, Clickbank Banner, Clickbank Scrolling Text Ads (Similar to the one given at Affiliate Ticker Generator ), Amazon Ads, CPA Banners or any affiliate link you want to add.  You can also add Opt-in forms anywhere on a landing page.  

Using the Social Bookmarking buttons, people will be able to Add, Like or Retweet this landing page and you will start getting more Free traffic from their friends and followers.  So the Social Bookmark buttons will work as a Viral Marketing tool 24/7.

Gardening niche Landing page (used a different template)

FB Monetizer creates landing pages for each video clip posted on a Facebook Wall or Twitter Page.  When visitors click on those links posted at Facebook Wall or Tweets, they will be forwarded to the landing page as shown above.  Since FB Monetizer is a Template Driven system, you can easily modify the template and decide where to place each component (Adsense, video player, Social Bookmark buttons etc) in the page.  An Aweber opti-in form can also be added easily into the page. 

How to use FB Monetizer

FB Monetizer is an easy to install PHP script. You have to upload only a single file install.php to your website folder and the 'Installation Wizard' will do the rest. You have to follow the easy steps exactly as specified in the User Manual.  No programming knowledge is necessary to install the script.

Please Note: For Newbie members, our programmer will provide necessary Installation support without any additional charges.


Here is What you get in the members area

When you place your order, you will be forwarded to a password protected members area to download the following items:

1) FB Monetizer PHP script (install.php file)

2) User Manual (PDF file)

3) Bonus: 10 High Quality Tutorials on Facebook, Twitter and SocialMedia Marketing

We offer 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund the purchase and close membership account immediately.

PS: Newbies can contact the support staff to install the PHP script without any additional charges.

We have provided a detailed Tutorial with large number of screen-shot images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need a domain name and hosting account to use FB Monetizer ?

ANS: You need a domain name and a Standard Hosting Account (Linux or Unix based) to install FB Monetizer php script.

2) From where those videos are coming?

ANS: Those videos are coming from Youtube.  Soon we will add more video sources.

3) When people click on those links posted on Facebook Wall or Twitter, they will be forwarded to youtube?

No. They will be forwarded to your landing page created by the FB monetizer.

4) So I have to create a landing page manually?

No. FB Monetizer will automatically create landing pages for each video posted on Facebook Wall.

5) If I want to use your script for 25 Facebook Walls or Twitter accounts, we need to install the scripts 25 times?

No. You need to installation the script only once. Then you can copy & paste the php file for multiple projects in the same domain. (Please refer the tutorial for more details)

6) Is it legal to host youtube videos in our website?

ANS: Yes. Those videos are inserted in your landing page using the Video Embed code provided by youtube.  We have also included a link to youtube in the video description to comply with their terms.

7) Can I use Clickbank HopAd or AdBrite code instead of Adsense?

ANS: Yes. You can insert any Textual or Graphical ads (please refer the tutorial)

8) What do you mean by 'Template driven' system?

ANS: When you edit a single template file, all the landing pages will be modified. For example; when you add a new banner image or hyper link into the template file, hundreds of landing pages will be modified automatically with the changes you made.

9) Can I use FB Monetizer to work with other Social networks, Search Engines and Directories.

ANS: Yes. We have added an 'Advanced Strategies' section in the tutorial.

If you have any questions, please .

Have a nice day,

Ali Anjamparuthi

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